Who is involved

Our Society in Dudley Borough activity is being developed through a Planning Group. The members are:

  • Joanne Weston, Development Manager, Dudley Community Partnership
  • Andy Wright, Head of Corporate Policy and Reserach, Dudley MBC
  • Donna Roberts, Research and Intelligence Officer, Dudley MBC Lorna Prescott, Senior Development Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Melissa Guest, Communications Development Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Lorna Prescott, Senior Development Officer, Dudley CVS

All of the above are also part of the Community Rights made Real Project Group, along with:

  • Nick Bird, Network Development Officer, Urban Forum
  • Caitlin McMullin, Reserach and Policy Officer, Urban Forum
  • Caroline Webb, Senior Development Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Martin Shaw, Dudley MBC

The work of the Planning Group is guided by a Steering Group, comprised of Planning Group members plus:

  • Dennis Hodson, Director, Dudley Community Partnership
  • Geoff Thomas, Assistant Director, Policy and Improvement, Dudley MBC
  • Andy Gray, Chief Executive, Dudley CVS and Chair of Dudley Community Partnership

We are involving a wide breadth of community groups, voluntary organisations, public sector officers and elected members in Our Society activities. Check out our blog of activities for more information.


One response

  1. […] We are trying to strike a balance through Our Society activity between projects which can provide evidence and learning and test the changing relationship between communities and the public sector and work towards longer term culture change. A problem with projects is that they can be piecemeal and not lead to whole system changes, whereas a difficulty with seeking to address whole system change is around issues of power. […]

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