What we’re reading

As well as talking to lots of people in Dudley about the changing relationship*, we are reading research, thinking and policy papers that we feel are pertinent to the development of  Our Society in Dudley Borough. We welcome suggested reading (or viewing), so please add a comment to this page if you’ve come across something that you would recommend.

*We are interested in the changing relationships between local government, other public service providers, voluntary and community groups, service users and citizens.

Current policy and emerging thinking about public services

Open Public Services White Paper

2020 Public Services Hub – develops practice-based research on social productivity in public services

Active citizenship and community influence

Pathways through Participation – a two and half year project considering what creates and sustains active citizenship, final report published September 2011

The RSA Citizen Power Project – looks at how citizen power can and should shape civic and democratic renewal

The RSA Connected Communities Project – suggests that approach based on utilising and building people’s social networks, which largely determine our ability to create change and influence decisions that affect us, may prove more effective than focusing on citizen-led service delivery

Civic behaviour (‘nudge’) – a project seeking to find the most effective means to encourage active citizenship

We’re also interested in whole system approaches, co-production examples and analyses of power.

And of course we are using primary sources such as our engaging together research, Big Society event workshop discussions, active citizenship learning involving people from Dudley and Dosti’s work on community influence.


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