Community Rights made Real

The coalition government is getting ready to introduce a range of new rights for communities in relation to local services, assets, development and neighbourhood planning. These measures are contained in the Localism Bill expected to be passed in November 2011.

The Community Rights made Real project involves research in relation to barriers for community groups, particularly those who have traditionally lacked power, to take advantage of the new opportunities being created through community rights.

Community Rights made Real is a project funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, led by Urban Forum working with Dudley CVS, Dudley Council and Dudley Community Partnership.

During summer 2011 those delivering the project will investigate local needs, circumstances, capacity and aspiration to take up Community Rights across Dudley Borough.

In autumn 2011 we will identify actions to meet these needs and work with Dudley Council and voluntary and community groups to develop an joint action plan around community rights.

The learning from the research will be used by Urban Forum to to inform policy and practice across the country. This will begin with a series of workshops taking place around the country in winter 2011.


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  1. […] on influencing the public sector. This one relates to our work in Dudley with Urban Forum on Community Rights: How do you influence without ‘agressing’? Eg right to challenge is very strong action to take […]

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