May 2011 Dudley’s decision-makers on Our Society

Crossposted from Our Society in Dudley Borough discussion, posted on 19 May 2011 to

Dudley Community Partnership Board met today and spent most of the meeting thinking about Our Society related matters. Sal Hampson from changes facilitated a discussion which bought partners together around the issues they face. Rather than writing an update from my perspective, I put my new social reporting skills in to action and interviewed Andy Gray, the new Chair of the partnership, and Dennis Hodson the Director.

In the clip below Andy explains what the board discussed today, that it has helped organisations to develop a shared understanding of what Our Society in Dudley could mean and what changes can take place in Dudley. Andy also shares what he feels his role as Chief Executive of Dudley CVS is in relation to this agenda, and also how he will ensure the Dudley Community Partnership continues to take things forward.

In this second clip Dennis Hodson explains how today’s meeting is a step on from the event on Big Society which the Dudley Community Partnership hosted in November 2010. It is about a changing relationship and engaging in different ways. Next steps are making it real and making it practical.

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